Speakers & Panelists

Our Speakers

Because geography is no barrier now, you can join us from near or far way to virtually pick the brains of these top business owners.

Session 1: Perspective

Don Elliott

Owner, Gravitate

 Pronouns: he/him

As a business owner (most recently of Gravitate) of various marketing and creative agencies for 20+ years, Don brings a unique vantage point across dozens of industries and companies of all sizes. He’s been described as  “equal parts creative brainstormer and professional problem solver”. Whether he’s consulting for another Agency or at a board meeting for the Cascade Forest Conservancy he likes to approach a project from all angles to ensure thoughtful cohesive marketing solutions.


Erin Lynch, Partner at Shop

Erin Lynch
Partner & Creative Director, Shop

Pronouns: he/him

During his career as a designer/writer/developer (and more), Erin has seen major disruptions in the economy before, like the dotcom bust, 9/11, and The Great Recession. He knows perspective, patience and a willingness to change are keys to long term success.

Annie Hieronymus
Principal, Vivid Reveal

Pronouns: she/her

Annie knows from overcoming personal struggles, that resilience needs to be part of her strategy when crafting brand identities. Her commitment to creating safe spaces for all influences how she helps brands be true to their values. 

Colten Tidwell
CEO, Gravitate

Pronouns: he/him

Colten has been here before, he successfully led a 25+ person company through the 2008 financial crisis without having to layoff any employees and found strategic ways to position themselves for future success. Ask him about his harrowing experience in Mexico (I want to know).

Adrienne Harvey
Digital Strategist, Spry Digital

Pronouns: she/her

As a 2009 college grad Adrianne is no stranger to working through chaos. Her diverse range of industry experience (winemaking, corporate marketing, snowboard instructor) in combination with her SWOT analysis method and adaptable attitude enables her to think outside the box for marketing solutions.

Kelli Loo
Owner, CPA for Creatives

Pronouns: she/her

Kelli understands the struggles of pivoting your business to digital. The CPA industry is generally old fashioned, so the current crisis has really tested her on the ability to be resilient in such uncertain times, but she’s continuing to find unique ways to support her clients in the creative field

R.M. Michaële Antoine
Curios Creator, Curios Consulting

Pronouns: she/her

Anyone successfully navigating a crisis like today’s global pandemic needs to have strong leadership skills with clear communication, emotional intelligence, and an understanding of DEI. This is where Michaële Antoine comes in to help with coaching, workshops, and training.

Session 2: Connection

Casey Wyckoff

Principal, Riff

Pronouns: he/him

Casey’s passion for community involvement, especially in his hometown and personal fav Vancouver, is boundless. Which is why he wants to help local businesses in today’s struggling economy. Between the 60+ experts who work at Riff, and Casey’s own 24 years of professional service experience, they know that their knowledge of design, development and strategy services can help mature start-ups and established businesses reposition themselves to find emerging opportunities.


Marc Niedlinger, Orange Nebula

Marc Neidlinger
Owner, Orange Nebula

Pronouns: he/him

The projects Marc takes on at Orange Nebula are meant to incite action, lower personal barriers, invite conversation, be more targeted and less limiting. Fueled by passion and committed to following through, they create projects aimed to inspire people to think bigger. 

Brian Ferdinand, Partner at Shop

Brian Ferdinand
Partner & Technical Director, Shop

Pronouns: he/him

Brian’s vast array of expertise from different careers in a variety of industries enables him to see varied perspectives when approaching business problems. He brings his actional solutions mindset to his multi-faceted digital marketing work at Shop.

Matt Cole
Founder/Creative Director, Revere

Pronouns: he/him

With a career in design and marketing spanning 15 years, Matt is an industry veteran with a proven track record of leading creative teams. As a native of Clark County, he brings his intimate understanding of the PNW culture to his work in brand development, handcrafted design, web solutions and more.

Alan Hwang
Director of Growth, Gravitate

Pronouns: he/him

In 2019 Gravitate acquired Alan’s boutique agency bringing him on as their Director of Growth. He’s using his expertise to help clients adapt their current strategy for today’s disruptive climate. He sits on the board of the CREDC, who has been instrumental in distributing resources for the business community.

Rian Reed

Rian Reed, MBA
Founder/CEO, Rian Reed & Co.

Pronouns: she/her

If Rian isn’t presenting at Harvard, recording her Reminisce podcast, or volunteering her time she’s empowering individuals and organizations to live up to their potential. She helps clients grow with career coaching, as well as web design and social media services to help them advance their brands.

Ellen Yin
Founder, Cubicle to CEO

Pronouns: she/her

Ellen teaches service-based entrepreneurs how to attract consistent clients. As an anti-“guru” marketer Ellen helps you simplify your marketing so you can get out of the client chasing cycle, moving from “selling” to “serving” the pivot everyone needs right now. She also hosts the award-winning Cubicle to CEO podcast.

Session 3: Opportunity

Lindsey Charlet

Founder/CEO, HUB LTD

Pronouns: she/her

In 2004 Lindsey founded HUB, a Portland-based design and strategy agency. Dedicated to using the power of design for good by creating beautiful things that make a positive impact in the world.  The HUB team lives for new challenges, solving problems that haven’t been defined yet, like how to adjust your strategy during an unprecedented global pandemic. Her experience with nonprofits, higher-ed, large private companies, and local communities enables her to provide actionable insights across a variety of industries. 


Devon Brown
Senior Digital Strategist & PPC Team Lead, Intuitive Digital

Pronouns: she/her

In addition to her Paid Search work for a vast array of clients, Devon has over 10 years of experience in trauma and crisis management pertaining to the opiate epidemic, preparing her to approach the current public health emergency with compassion, empathy, and practicality. Homegrown in Walla Walla, she’s a WA native.

Flynt Johnson
Director of Sales & Marketing, Gravitate

Pronouns: he/him

In his time at Gravitate Flynt has consulted with thousands of businesses, so he’s heard it all and has been listening intently since COVID-19 hit. He’s well aware of the marketing challenges for businesses of all sizes and truly cares about helping clients find practical solutions.

Jamie Lawson
Owner, Team 302 Productions

Pronouns: he/him

If Jamie isn’t watching the original Karate Kid, he’s helping businesses develop relevant video strategy and assets. He knows that to be successful right now businesses must understand the needs and perspective of their audience more than ever before.

Simeon Muller
Owner, Kid Giant

Pronouns: he/him

Content is king, now more than ever, with people stuck at home. The more companies can put out there, the better position they’ll be in to rebound when things return to normal. Simeon’s Video production company makes high-quality visuals possible for all.

Jeremy Ross
Owner & Lead Developer, Indevver

Pronouns: he/him

Jeremy, an experienced web developer, made a major career change in response to the 2008 financial crisis, and he couldn’t be happier about it. He understands major change is unsettling and is an example of how it’s possible to come out of it stronger.

Alison Gootee
Email Deliverability Consultant, Braze

Pronouns: she/her

Alison helps customers maximize their email campaigns ROI. With over 5 years of experience in the email space, including managing an ESP abuse desk, Alison has a keen understanding of what *not* to do during a crisis, and beyond. She enjoys all things in excess–except email!

Event Illustrator

Karyn Servin
Illustrator/Designer, Karyn Servin Illustration

Pronouns: she/her

Karyn is an artist, first and foremost, which helps her to not get hung up on rules or sweeping change, the art is always her center. She loves to use her incredible skills to create visual solutions to problems.


Lacey Faught, Spry Digital

Lacey Faught
CEO & Lead Digital Marketing Educator, Spry Digital

Pronouns: she/her

Lacey loves connecting with people. So, 10 years ago she started Spry, a digital marketing company that manages and consults brands on their social media strategy. Their wins, learning moments, and everything else in between can be heard on the SprySpace Podcast.